How to Clean Weighted Blankets

So you’ve finally got your weighted blanket and have had it around the house for a few weeks. It’s provided a great benefit to you in terms of sleep quality and may have even helped settled you down from the edge of an anxiety attack or two. Unfortunately, life has happened in the meantime and some of that life includes spilling some tea all over your new blanket, or food, or anything else that might cause the blanket to get a bit sticky and smelly over time. Now you’re left wondering “How can I clean this blanket without ruining it or breaking anything?” Here, we take a look at the best ways to clean your weighted blanket.

Can I Wash my Weighted Blanket Using a Home Washer and Dryer?

This is certainly one of those “it depends” questions. If your blanket is under 12 pounds, then in most cases you can use your normal washer and dryer, just be sure to set the dryer on low, of if possible, put the blanket on a rack to air dry to ensure no damage is done to the blanket. If you want to “fluff” up your blanket more, adding a clean towel to the drying cycle may help (just be careful, as this could lead to a larger amount of static electricity). While washing make sure to use a light detergent, usually non-scented works best, and avoid softeners or bleaches if at all possible.

What If My Weighted Blanket is Over 12 Pounds?

For most people, machine washing their weighted blanket is not an option as the weight could do damage to the washer or dryer within their home. In these cases, you’re going to need to go to a commercial washer and use one of their larger sized machines to get your blanket washed, preferably with the same sorts of detergents listed above. As stated before, a low temperature dry is needed, but hang or air drying is preferable as it will be gentler to the fabrics of the blanket and ensure a longer lasting and more satisfactory experience.

Can I do Anything to Make Cleaning Easier?

In short, you can always cover your blanket. Using a comforter or Duvet cover around your blanket may take some of the texture qualities away (and thus isn’t exactly recommended for those with sensory issues) but can keep the blanket quite clean, requiring only the occasional cleaning of the cover itself. Also, spot cleaning using a microfiber cloth or a small amount of steam from a (clean) steam mop can be beneficial without risking damage to the blanket, and be much cheaper than going to the commercial washer.

All in all, there’s no reason why you’ll have to live with a dirty weighted blanket after purchase. A bit of regular, careful cleaning can ensure that your Sleep Force blanket can be kept around for years to come.

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