Weighted Blankets for Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Anxiety affects nearly 40 Million people or nearly 20% of the American population. Of these though, only around a third of the affected population ever seek treatment for their mental illness despite often visiting the doctor’s office around four times as often as the general population. As a result of these factors, anxiety can be a confusing and expensive mental illness to have, and looking for alternative solutions to dealing with it has become quite common. Here, we’ll take a look at one of the drug-free options available to help mitigate the symptoms of anxiety, the SleepForce blanket, and how it works.

First, What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is, even clinically, quite a broad term that incorporates a myriad of disorders that can incorporate phobias, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder to name just a few. Instead of going through the traits and symptoms of each sub-category of anxiety, we will instead look at some of the common threads and the basis for these mental illnesses.

To begin with, all anxiety cases are likely to be a mix of physiological, social and historical factors, with each playing a distinct role in how one’s own anxiety plays out through their life. Previous traumatic events can play a significant role in the formation of an anxiety disorder due to association or flashbacks, which can also contribute to PTSD. Such traumas include abuse, or witnessing and participating in extremely stressful events. In terms of Social conditions, irregular social interactions or associations may contribute to certain anxiety disorders, which can include fear of being in large groups due to both a lack of experience and overstimulation. Lastly, on the physiological side of anxiety, causes can frequently be cited as a lack or imbalance of serotonin and dopamine, which help regulate mood and when imbalanced can cause panic attacks, gastrointestinal issues and of course, anxiety.

Typical treatments for anxiety include the use of therapies, medications, and of course diet and exercise. But aside from these solutions (which should certainly be used if appropriate), there is also the SleepForce weighted blanket. Let’s take a look at how it can help with Anxiety.

How does a Weighted Blanket Help with Anxiety?

So, given the fact that Anxiety is a multifaceted disorder, you may be wondering “How can a weighted blanket help with anxiety?” Well, just as there are multiple causes for anxiety, there are multiple ways that something like the SleepForce blanket can help. The first of these is that with normal use, especially at night, one can increase the quality of their sleep. This is because the consistent pressure given by the weight of the blanket performs what is often termed as “deep pressure therapy” on the wearer, allowing for a release of Serotonin, and a subsequent release of melatonin which calms the body and mind and allows for proper sleep. An increased amount of rest over the night can allow for a more balanced mood and brighter spirits the next day, which can be seen more in our article about how weighted blankets can help with insomnia. This release of Serotonin needn’t be just reserved for the bedroom, though, as it can be a factor in how a weighted blanket may serve to help one in a stressful social situation, like an office. Using the blanket folded over one’s lap can provide a similar neurotransmitter release as mentioned earlier, but also provide an avenue of dealing with overstimulation by giving a singular, comforting tactile experience. This can be seen as an “anchor” to keep one calm, and if flashbacks happen to occur or fear as a result of previous instances rise up, the warmth and weight can help mitigate the physical and mental effects of them.

What sort of Weighted Blanket Should I Use for Anxiety?

If you are interested in getting a weighted blanket, you may be wondering which would be best for you (or your loved one if they happen to have anxiety). This answer is a little less clear; It really is up to you what textures and what weight is best, though around 10% of the body weight of the user is recommended. Whatever you choose, however, one thing can be certain. You can buy a SleepForce blanket with confidence knowing that this blanket can bring a quality of life far higher than its price tag, and help you or your loved one lead the best possible life.

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