Weighted Blankets for Adults

If you’ve done any research about weighted blankets, you’ve probably seen a pretty decent amount of research regarding them and the associated deep pressure therapy’s benefits. However, you may have noticed something: much of the research regarding weighted blankets has been performed with children as the primary participants. Can weighted blankets be useful for adults? Are there any differences between children and adult weighted blankets? Let’s find out.

Can Weighted Blankets be Useful to Adults?

While there has been admittedly limited research on weighted blankets for adults, those publications that do appear seem promising. Similar to children, adults have been shown to benefit from weighted blanket use if they lie on the autistic spectrum, have anxiety disorder, depression, and many other disorders. This is a result of the fact that weighted blankets affect components of the body which do not degrade nor greatly improve over time for most people; namely the parts of the body responsible for release and production of Serotonin, Dopamine and Melatonin.

Are there any differences between Adult and Child Weighted Blankets ?

In general, much of weighted blanket design is applicable between both child and adult types. Both should feature poly or glass pellets to provide weight, and both are made of inner and outer fabrics (typically a mix of cotton on the inside and minky on the outside). Where the primary difference lies is size and weight.
As you might expect, the larger the person, the heavier the weighted blanket should be. As a general rule, most children under the age of 12 should have weight no higher than 10lbs as the blanket fill weight, otherwise there may be negative health consequences. For adults, most will find 10lbs too light and can be up to 25lbs in most cases. As for physical length and width, this is mostly a matter of preference for children and adults, and as such can vary greatly, with both adults and children able to use the standard 72 inch by 48 inch blanket for both a sleeping and sitting blanket. For more information, see our article on how heavy a weighted blanket should be, or weighted blanket FAQ’s.

In closing, weighted blankets can be just as effective for adults as they are children, able to help soothe both mental and physical maladies. If you are interested in purchasing a blanket from SleepForce, be sure to visit our buyers guide page for more information.

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